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My name is Pat Beith and I am the owner and co-founder of Athletes Acceleration started here in beautiful Massachusetts.

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My goal here at Athletes Acceleration is to provide the best strength & conditioning information from the World’s top coaches and share it with anyone that appreciates the importance of continuing education. Having access to some exclusive content from coaches that are the best in what they do, we want to pass along their information to you. I believe that together, with the right information we can elevate the level of performance in our industry.

First let me tell you a little about me. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, and am recognized by National Strength & Conditioning Association (CSCS), National Academy of Sports Medicine (PES), American College of Sports Medicine (HFI), International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) and USA Track & Field Coaching Level II (Jumps, Sprints, Hurdles and Relays).

Coming out of college I ran the the largest personal training department in Boston. But my love for athletics took me away from personal training and into coaching. Being a track sprinter in college,  my passion was in speed training & athlete development. As a performance coach, my concepts and products have helped thousands of athletes & coaches around the world. From athletic development to fitness business development – consulting, lecturing and teaching – I always strive to help each client achieve their goal and to reach their full potential.

I’ve been published in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, STACK Magazine, Elite Fitness, StrengthCoach, Successful Coaching, DragonDoor, and many other publications and newsletters.

I don’t believe we can do everything ourselves. We need to learn from other successful coaches, so I have brought some of the coaches I think are the best in our industry on board so they can share their expertise and experience to help us all get better.


Athletes’ Acceleration’s Recommended
and Highly Regarded Coaches


These are the coaches that have met the Athletes’ Acceleration Seal of Approval as their information goes above and beyond the industry standard. Products and articles by the following coaches are promoted on this site because I fully believe in them. I not only respect and actively study these coaches’ information, but use them with my own programs with my athletes. I guarantee that you will agree!



wil fleming About Athletes Acceleration And Our Coaches

Coach Wil Fleming

Wil Fleming is the co-owner of Force Fitness and Performance and Athletic Revolution Bloomington, in Bloomington, IN.  He is a sports performance coach and expert on developing  explosive athletes. He is also the creator of the best selling DVD, ‘Complete Olympic Lifting’,  a step-by-step resource for teaching your athletes how to perform the Olympic lifts.

In addition to being a business owner, Wil  was one of the authors of the International Youth Conditioning Association’s Essentials of High School  Strength and Conditioning,  and also authored the IYCA’s Instructor Course: Olympic Lifting.

Wil is a sought after speaker on the topics of power development, speed, and strength training for athletes.  He has spoken at the IYCA International Summit (2010-12), the Midwest Performance Enhancement Seminar (2011), Building Better Athletes Seminar (2012) and the College of the Canyons Strength and Conditioning Clinic (2012). Wil is already booked to speak in 2013 in Indianapolis as the keynote presenter at the St. Vincent’s Sports Performance Seminar,  Jacksonville, FL and Columbus, OH at Enhancing Athletic Performance.  If you would like to have Wil speak at an event contact him here.

Prior to being a business owner, he was an Olympic Trials participant, an all-American athlete, and the school record holder at Indiana University as a hammer thrower.  Wil was a resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for Olympic weightlifting after winning a Jr. National Championship in the same sport.

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Coach Lee Taft

Lee Taft, known to most simply as “The Speed Guy”, is regarded as one of the top athletic movement specialist in the world. Over the past 25 years Lee has devoted the majority of his time training multi-directional speed to all ages and ability. He has been the ‘go to’ speed training expert for everyone from NFL organizations and Wimbledon champions to up and coming youth athletes.

He’s a sought after presenter, sharing multi-directional speed methods at Perform Better events, the NFL Combine Seminar, the NBA Strength & Conditioning Coaches Workshop and hundreds of other events.

But above all else, Lee is a teacher and coach and his in-the-trenches, proven protocols for developing faster athletes, made specifically for coaches are game changers and will finally give you the speed development system you need.

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Eric Cressey About Athletes Acceleration And Our Coaches

Coach Eric Cressey

Eric Cressey is president and co-founder of Cressey Performance, a strength and conditioning facility located just west of Boston, MA.  Eric has helped athletes at all levels – from youth sports to the professional and Olympic ranks – from a variety of sports.  He is best known for his extensive work with baseball players, with more than 100 professional players traveling to Massachusetts to train with him each off-season.  In the past three years, more than 40 Cressey Performance athletes have been selected in the Major League Baseball draft.
Cressey received his Master’s Degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science at the University of Connecticut. At UCONN, Eric was involved in varsity strength and conditioning and research in the human performance laboratory, and was published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Eric serves on the advisory boards for both the International Youth Conditioning Association and Precision Nutrition, and is a baseball consultant to New Balance.

An accomplished author, Cressey has authored seven books and over 500 articles, and co-created six DVD sets that have been sold in over 60 countries around the world.  His writing and his work with athletes have been featured in publications such as Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, ESPN, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, and Baseball America. As a guest speaker, Eric has lectured in five countries and more than 20 U.S. states.

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Dave Gleason About Athletes Acceleration And Our Coaches

Coach Dave Gleason

Dave Gleason is the Owner of one of the top youth training facilities in the world – Athletic Revolution Pembroke, and has worked with thousands of athletes ranging from the shy six year old to all-stars at the professionals level.  He’s also an acclaimed international presenter on youth fitness and widely regarded as the industry’s ‘go to guy’ for coaching kids ages 6-13.

Dave has been played a pivotal role in the development of the assessment and programming systems for Athletic Revolution International as well as new franchisee training and support. Athletic Revolution and it’s programming is now recognized in over 19 countries around the globe.

Dave is the co-creator of the popular IYCA Youth Speed Development and Complete Athletic Development (CAD) products.  Dave’s book contributions include the IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist Level 1 text – Essentials of Youth Conditioning and Fitness (Second Edition) and How Much Does A Zebra Weigh by Kyle Brown.

Dave is consultant to Reebok International and consultant to trainers, coaches, physical educators, youth sports organizations and public school systems K-12.

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Melissa Lambert About Athletes Acceleration And Our Coaches

Melissa Lambert

Melissa Lambert is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Connecticut and is currently the Clinical Manager at an Extended Day Treatment Program supporting children with emotional and behavioral issues. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Eastern CT State University and Masters of Education in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in child and adolescent Psychology from Springfield College. Melissa’s experience includes working with children in a partial hospital program setting, in-home therapy, running support groups for families with children diagnosed with Autism, is an agency trainer for Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, certified in the 7 Challenges Model for adolescent substance abuse, certified in Life is Good playmakers (play therapy curriculum) and implemented a jump rope program used weekly in group therapy for children.

In addition, Melissa is Certified in as International Youth Conditioning Specialist Level 2, currently is columnist and presenter on sport psychology topics for the organization, a columnist for Coaches BC magazine and Today’s Parent USA. She is also the Director of the Performance Training Clinic for CT Coast Soccer.

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alwyn cosgrove About Athletes Acceleration And Our Coaches

Alwyn Cosgrove

Born in Scotland and initially exposed to fitness training through an intense competitive sport martial arts background, Alwyn Cosgrove began reading and studying any training related material he could get his hands on. This led Alwyn to formal academic studies in Sports Performance at West Lothian College and then progressed on to receiving an honors degree in Sports Science from Chester College, the University of Liverpool.

During his career as a fitness coach, Alwyn began with assisting in martial arts lessons in 1986 and teaching fitness classes in 1989, and has studied under all of the top fitness professionals and coaches in the world and has worked with a wide variety of clientele, from general population clientele to several top level athletes, World Champions and professionals in a multitude of sports.

A sought after ‘expert’ for several of the country’s leading publications including a regular contributor to Men’s Health magazine, Alwyn has co-authored three books in the “New Rules of Lifting” series and currently spends his time consulting on fitness training, training clients, training his staff at Results Fitness, speaking on the fitness lecture circuit and coaching fitness trainers worldwide in their businesses. For the past decade, with his wife Rachel, Alwyn runs Results Fitness in Santa Clarita, California – which has been twice named one of America’s Top Gyms by Men’s Health magazine, a gym which specializes in programs for real-world, busy people and prides itself on “changing the way fitness is done – period!”

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Kerry Taylor 300x199 About Athletes Acceleration And Our Coaches

Coach Kerry Taylor

Kerry Taylor has extensive experience in fitness, personal athletics, training, and coaching. He was captain of most of his high school and collegiate football, basketball, and track teams including the National Football Championship winners from UMASS Amherst in 1999. After his collegiate career, he continued on to play football in the NFL with both the New England Patriots and Detroit Lions. Kerry continued his professional experience in both the XFL and AFL before retiring into his passion for training and coaching.

Kerry is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Youth conditioning Specialist Level 1, an AOS certified instructor, HKC Certified Coach and the Speed and Conditioning Director in the state of RI. He has trained athletes of all sports and levels, from Pop Warner age to the pro level and is currently a high school football coach on top of owning 212 Health & Performance. Kerry was the head trainer for a large gym chain for 5 years before deciding to pursue his dreams and train using techniques that are not only proven effective, but that he believes in.
 Kerry has been a guest speaker for various groups and events and continues to travel for CRC Health as a motivational speaker.

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pat rigsby About Athletes Acceleration And Our Coaches

Pat Rigsby

Pat Rigsby is the Owner PatRigsby.com. He has built over a dozen businesses as a CEO and Co-Owner, with five becoming million dollar or multi-million dollar ventures.  Two of those businesses, Athletic Revolution and Fitness Revolution, have been multiple time winners on the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 with each being the #1 franchise for it’s respective market.  Another business, Fitness Consulting Group, was a multiple time honoree on the Inc. 5000, placing as high as #580 on the list of fastest growing businesses in the U.S. Rigsby has also been a Best-Selling Author 6 times over, presented in front of thousands of entrepreneurs and been featured in Entrepreneur, Men’s Health, USA Today and on hundreds of other media outlets.

In the fitness industry alone, his coaching & consulting clients have been featured in places like Men’s Health, USA Today, Men’s Fitness, Shape, Women’s Heath, Huffington Post and on ABC, CBS, NBC and pretty much any other media outlet you can think of.  In addition to that, they’ve built some of the most successful businesses and brands in ever corner of the industry, from local business and supplement companies to online businesses, certification organizations and even became best selling authors. In fact, many (if not most) of the experts providing business coaching in the fitness industry have been my clients, customers or franchisees.

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